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The EcoBeaker Maine Explorer™ (EBME) software is part of EcoScienceWorks, a collaborative project funded by an ITEST grant from the National Science Foundation. The EBME software was developed with input from a group of Maine middle school science teachers and has been thoroughly tested in Maine classrooms over the past 3 years. EBME is at the heart of a new curriculum written by the teachers that includes unit and lesson plans for each of the labs and accompanying field exercises. Each unit includes assessments that align with the new Maine learning standards and is designed for easy implementation.

The curriculum is being deployed using NoteShare™, a very useful classroom tool that was included on the MLTI disk image prior to 2013. The NoteShare EcoScienceWorks Curriculum includes a Student Notebook that allows electronic submission of worksheets. If you do not have or are not comfortable with NoteShare, you can also access the curriculum as a collection of "web notebooks" that will not allow electronic submissions.

Once you register, you will be emailed a link to download the curriculum (after verification of your status as a Maine teacher). By registering, teachers will be advised of any updates to the software or curriculum. Your registration information will not be made available to anyone outside of the EcoScienceWorks project.

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