Jobs at SimBio: Biology Education Graduate Research Internship

SimBio, a leading developer of software for college biology classes, is looking for a graduate intern to participate in an NSF funded Cyberlearning project for biology teaching.

About the Project

We are designing, producing, and testing software tools that provide automated feedback and guidance to students working on complex and open-ended tasks including designing experiments and interpreting data.

Spring 2016 Internship

The intern will gather and analyze data examining how students approach designing experiments and whether receiving immediate feedback on their designs improves their learning experience. Some benefits of the internship include:

  • Learning and using techniques for conducting interviews on educational software and using such data to improve the software
  • Learning and using quantitative and qualitative research methods to analyze students' written and verbal responses to questions as well as how they use the software
  • Participating in an innovative and exciting biology education research project and establishing links to the wider evidence-based biology teaching community
  • Possibility of authorship on a research paper, and good resume builder for someone looking to move on to a career at a teaching college

The ideal candidate for this project would be a:

  • Graduate student in a biology program with an interest in biology education OR in an education program with undergraduate coursework in biology
  • Experience teaching biology (at minimum as a TA)
  • Available 10–20 hours/week at least through June. Flexible schedule but mostly during business hours

To Apply

To apply, please visit our job application site and provide the requested information.

Please direct any inquiries about this position to

Start Date: January, 2016
Location: Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA


Shipping and Billing

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