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April 28, 2008
We are in the midst of a major upgrade to EcoBeaker® that will put our ecology labs into our new SimBio Virtual Labs™ framework. SimBio Virtual Labs™ will soon include EvoBeaker®, OsmoBeaker®, and EcoBeaker labs in one application, making it simpler for students when you mix and match labs for your class. We are happy to announce that the updates to our two most popular ecology labs, Isle Royale and Keystone Predator, are now available. Both labs have slick new interfaces, great new graphics, libraries of natural history information, and new extension activities.
What you'll notice when you first open the new versions is visuals from our fantastic new graphic designer. The starfish, snails, and barnacles of Keystone Predator will help situate your students in the rocky intertidal as they explore food webs and competition, while the moose, wolves, and vegetation in Isle Royale make it easier to imagine how the populations at each trophic level are interacting. To further aid students who may live far from these ecosystems, we now include a library of background natural history on each of the species in the lab. If you have time in your class to expand on the labs, our updates include an extension activity in each lab which add an additional skill or give students the chance to come up with their own hypotheses and experiments. In Isle Royale, the extension teaches students how to do a t-test, while in Keystone Predator, students use their tools from the lab to explore the effect of an invasive species on the community. In addition to these major upgrades, you will notice lots of improvements in the how you interact with the lab and in the workbooks.
If you want to see the latest Isle Royale and Keystone Predator, please shoot us an email and we'll be happy to send a sample.


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