In the Works at SimBio

Here's a sneak peek at some projects we have in the hopper. Stay tuned for more info!

SimBio Explorer Series™

These virtual laboratories help students in 7-9th grades learn environmental science and technology literacy through realistic simulated experiments. Covering topics from nutrients and eutrophication, to the effects of fragmented habitat, to food webs and trophic cascades, these labs were originally built for the Maine 1-to-1 laptop program (and are now used in hundreds of classrooms throughout Maine) and can be assigned either in class or as homework. A special lab called "Program a Bunny" teaches students some elementary programming through a special graphical language designed at the Teacher Education Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Partially funded by the National Science Foundation.

SimBio Testing Tools™

Large-scale science and technology tests have huge importance to education, but today these tests use multiple choice questions that emphasize knowledge and recall over the kinds of higher-order thinking skills students need for a 21st century education. Designing more complex tests that can evaluate higher order thinking skills automatically is quite difficult. SimBio Testing Tools is a suite of tools to make this process easier. Based around our virtual laboratory software, with added authoring tools and server-side infrastructure, the SimBio Testing Tools will allow rapid prototyping of new test items to ensure validity, reliability, and uniqueness. The tests can then be delivered through our SimUText Learning System, and already proven technology used by thousands of students around North America.

SimBio Next Generation Biology (SNG Biology)™

These modules include inquiry-driven online text, virtual laboratories, and all the other materials you will need in order to replace your current biology textbook for high school biology classes. Using our SimUText™ Learning System and based on our highly regarded college-level biology resources, the SNG Biology materials will initially include units in Ecology/Evolution, Cell/Molecular Biology, and Systems Thinking, with more units coming over time.


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