SimBio News: Announcing Nutrient Pollution, a New SimBio Virtual Lab

New Nutrient Pollution interactive lab in SimBio Virtual LabsWe are pleased to announce the release of Nutrient Pollution, the latest lab in our SimBio Virtual Labs™ series. Covering limiting nutrients, eutrophication, bioaccumulation of toxins, anoxia, and trophic dynamics, the Nutrient Pollution lab is well-suited for non-majors biology and introductory environmental science classes, as well as Advanced Placement courses in high school. The lab uses a story about a city that is considering dumping its sewage into a nearby lake. A sophisticated simulation of a lake containing green algae, cyanobacteria, daphnia, bosmina, and trout lets students conduct realistic experiments and both see and quantitatively measure the results. The accompanying workbook guides students through five exercises (totaling around 1 1/2 hours), after which students must use their results to write a letter to the city about the consequences of eutrophication.

SimBio Virtual Labs runs on both Macintosh and Windows computers, and Nutrient Pollution is available both for college classes and as part of our Environmental Science 101 and Complete Biology 101 collections for Advanced Placement high school classes.

For more information, please read the complete lab description or contact us.

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