Competition Contents

  • Introduction An overview of resource limitation and competition.
  • Section One: Limited Resources Niches and environmental tolerance. Fundamental vs. realized niche. Competitive exclusion. Different mechanisms of competition, including exploitation, interference, territoriality, allelopathy, and preemption.
  • Section Two: Intraspecific Competition Exponential and logistic growth. Effect of competition on individual growth rates. Carrying capacity and resource availability.
  • Section Three: Interspecific Competition Competition coefficients. Lotka-Volterra competition equation. Phase planes, phase portraits, and isoclines. Four outcomes from competitive interactions. R* competition. Laboratory studies of competition.
  • Section Four: Competition in Complex Environments Field studies of competition. Common garden experiments. Competition importance across taxa. Hypotheses for competitive coexistence: environmental heterogeneity, trade-offs, interspecific interactions, and neutral theory of biodiversity.