Nutrient Cycling Contents

  • Section One: Introduction to Nutrient Cycling Introduction to nutrients and the effects of eutrophication. Micro- vs. macronutrients. Pools, fluxes, and cycling. Cycling diagrams of nutrients, water, and energy.
  • Section Two: Nitrogen Cycling Introduction to the primary stages of nitrogen cycling. Nitrogen fixation chemistry. Nitrogen cycling in aquatic vs. terrestrial systems. ┬áThe effects of disturbance on nitrogen in an ecosystem.
  • Section Three: Impacts of Pollution Impacts of anthropogenic nitrogen enrichment. Nitrogen and acid rain. The phosphorus cycle and Lake Washington. The carbon cycle, atmospheric carbon, and IPCC projections of global carbon emissions.
  • Section Four: Watershed Experiment Linking terrestrial and aquatic nutrient flows. Applying the concepts learned to environmental problem solving.