Mitosis Explored

Lab (Tutorial): Mitosis Explored

We promise you have never seen a mitosis tutorial like Mitosis Explored. By integrating stunning live video from diverse organisms, interactive animations, and simulated experiments, Mitosis Explored smashes the "memorize the stages of mitosis" mold. This tutorial uses an inquiry-driven, self-guided approach to extend students' comprehension of the mechanics of this important (but challenging to learn) process. Students are able to tinker with the machinery that drives mitosis, solve puzzles, do experiments, and receive lots of instant feedback to check their own understanding. They also explore how mitosis relates to cancer and other diseases.

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Level: Intro
Key Concepts: Cell Cycle; Cell Division; Mechanics of Mitosis; stages/phases of mitosis
Courses: Cell Biology; Intro Bio: Cell/Molecular; Intro Bio: Non-majors


"It was very easy to understand and VERY user friendly (compared to many virtual lab experiences that I have looked at). I especially liked the areas where you presented students with a disease (i.e., Roberts syndrome) or a drug (i.e. Taxol) that interrupted the process and then had students predict the outcomes or figure out what was being interrupted. "
Jamie Jensen, BYU

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