Great Teaching vs. Great Teaching Techniques

SimBiotic President Eli MeirAn article on math teaching by mathematician and teacher Paul Lockhart has gone viral on the net and reached me recently.

The Talented Dr. Fox and the Role of Charisma in Teaching, Part 1

Jon HerronCan a good con artist dazzle even a sophisticated audience into mistaking a load of bull for a substantive lesson? We all suspect that it's true, and that we've seen it happen. But what would we have to do to prove it? And if it is true, should we always meet charisma with skepticism?

Death on the Wing and a New Transitional Fossil From China

Jon HerronThe Evolutionary Evidence lab in EvoBeaker highlights two famous transitional fossils: Tiktaalik, a 'fishopod', and Microraptor, a dinosaur with feathers. Last month Junchang Lü, David Unwin, and colleagues described a new transitional fossil that's sure to become famous too. It's a Jurassic pterosaur from China.

How to Teach the Teachers?

Many studies, including one of ours that was recently published, have found that even advanced biology students commonly misunderstand evolutionary processes.