Death on the Wing and a New Transitional Fossil From China

Jon HerronThe Evolutionary Evidence lab in EvoBeaker highlights two famous transitional fossils: Tiktaalik, a 'fishopod', and Microraptor, a dinosaur with feathers. Last month Junchang Lü, David Unwin, and colleagues described a new transitional fossil that's sure to become famous too. It's a Jurassic pterosaur from China.

How to Teach the Teachers?

Many studies, including one of ours that was recently published, have found that even advanced biology students commonly misunderstand evolutionary processes.

Rate of Evolution Yields Insight into How HIV Causes AIDS

Jon HerronDespite 25 years of intensive research, there is much the experts still don't know about HIV. Among the persistent mysteries is why, exactly, HIV infection causes AIDS. HIV infects and destroys helper T cells, which are needed to mobilize the immune system to fight pathogens. But HIV doesn't seem to kill enough helper T cells—at least not directly—to explain the immune system's eventual collapse. In recent years evidence has been accumulating in favor of a disease model in which the host's own immune response plays a key role in the cause of AIDS. Among this evidence is an analysis of the rate of viral evolution within individual hosts.

Using Natural Selection to Evolve Better Gene Therapy

Jon HerronIn my last post, I wrote about virologists using directed evolution to produce viruses that fight cancer. Another nice example of evolution being harnessed for medical use was published earlier this year. Katherine Excoffon and colleagues are working to develop effective gene therapy for cystic fibrosis.