Who Wants to Edit a Textbook?

The big news today in e-textbooks was a major publisher announcing a new digital textbook product.

Progressions in Skiing and Biology

SimBiotic President Eli MeirI just finished teaching a few workshops introducing people to cross-country skiing, something I help with each year. In a good cross-country skiing class, the first thing you do after showing people how to put on their skis is to have them fall down.

The iPad vs Open Content in e-Textbooks

The release of the iPad from Apple this week has people talking about the death of textbooks and how this new platform will revolutionize education.

How to Learn Physics Through iPhone Games

SimBiotic President Eli MeirFollowing the herd, I bought myself an iphone a couple summers ago to see what all the fuss was about. And like many others, mine has become a game machine.