Data, Data, and More Data

SimBiotic President Eli MeirResearch in many areas of science and engineering is rapidly becoming an exercise in data management and analysis. From astronomy to molecular biology, huge data sets are in.

Harnessing Evolution To Fight Cancer

Jon HerronIf we can control evolution well enough to turn wolves into poodles, why can't we use the same method to turn viruses into magic bullets for cancer? Virologists are trying to do just that.

Teaching Evolution With a Variety of Methods

Jon HerronAs Eli Meir has discussed, one of the take-home messages of our research on teaching natural selection is that students can benefit from repeated instruction on a fundamental concept.

Erin Naegle recently turned me on to Stephen R. Burton and Christopher Dobson's Spork & Beans exercise, which appeared in the February 2009 issue of American Biology Teacher.

Evolutionary Biologists Track a Creepy Dog Disease

by Jon Herron.  Among the useful things I learned while teaching high school many years ago were two sure-fire strategies guaranteed to get the attention of any audience any time: You can talk about sex, or you can gross 'em out. Among the things I love about teaching biology is that it offers plentiful opportunities to do both. In this spirit, I'd like to tell you about canine transmissible venereal tumor (CTVT).