The Prophet Darwin and the Use of Names

SimBiotic President Eli MeirWe spend a lot of time working on our EvoBeaker labs for teaching about evolution, and Darwin's name comes up often both in our labs and in the scientific and educational writing we read as background for our work. Perhaps too often.

Teaching Natural Selection - Don't Give Up

SimBiotic President Eli MeirWe just had a research paper on our Darwinian Snails lab published, and while perusing the journal where it appears, I came upon another paper that reviewed some of the many studies which have been done over the years on students understanding of natural selection.

Getting the Right Flow for Developing Talented Students

SimBiotic President Eli MeirI played ultimate frisbee for a lot of years, and the best moments on the field were when you had "flow". All seven players knowing where each other were, moving the frisbee fluidly up the field, and finally into the end-zone.

The Amazonian Jungle, Un-simulated

SimBiotic President Eli MeirJust got back from a vacation, a real vacation, where my computer stayed at home. We were in a remote lodge in the middle a small lake in the Brazilian Amazon, surrounded by tropical forest, and not much else. Not an internet cafe in sight.