Research Regulations Don't Respect College Students

SimBiotic President Eli MeirWe regularly do research studies on teaching biology to college students. It's an integral part of our mission to develop better teaching tools.

A Random Opinion Piece on K12 Teacher Training

A group from University of Colorado, Boulder led by Michael Klymkowsky has been doing interesting research looking at how biology students deal with randomn

Drug-Enhanced Education and the Role of Motivation

SimBiotic President Eli Meir

It seems like a new trend is coming where people take mind 'enhancing' drugs to help them work better. According to a couple of recent editorials in Nature, people in professions that place a premium on thinking are beginning to take drugs that purportedly boost brain power

iStudy or iTest?

Last year, I (along with millions of other people) purchased an iPhone, and have been amazed at the diversity and number of available applications. Although much of the media focus has been on entertainment, lifestyle, and absolutely useless applications, my experiences at the Scheller Teacher Education Program at MIT have opened my eyes to the iPhone’s potential as an educational aid.