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Our college modules are sold as pay-per-use "subscriptions" that are typically purchased directly by students. While a little unconventional, this system allows us to keep our prices low and eliminates the need for departmental funding. We offer many different subscription options and will work with you to find one that suits your needs. For secondary schools (only!), we offer classroom licenses for special collections of labs. Bookstores, copy shops, and publishers who have received requests to sell or include our material in course packs or lab manuals should contact us to initiate the ordering process.

A note to students

You cannot submit an order through this website. Please contact your instructor for information about purchasing materials or contact us.

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"My Population Ecology class does not have lab sections, so I rely on [EcoBeaker labs] to provide my students with opportunities to collect and interpret their own data. The EcoBeaker labs do a very good job of pushing my students to think harder about the ecological concepts that I covered in lecture. I am looking forward to using [EcoBeaker labs] again next semester!"

Dr. Christina Caruso, University of Guelph