Ordering Information: College (New Prices Starting Fall 2017)

For college courses, SimBio modules are offered via individual student subscriptions and are delivered using our proprietary SimUText System, which, among other features, lets instructors select which modules to include and to customize how and when to assign them.

Subscriptions must be purchased by or for each student enrolled in courses using SimUText. Most instructors opt to have students purchase their own course-specific subscriptions, but they can also be paid for collectively with departmental purchase orders.

Ordering and Re-ordering is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select labs and/or chapters for your class using our free evaluation software.
  2. Use THIS FORM to send SimBio your course name and number, start-date, term, expected enrollment, and your module selections. After confirming pricing (and billing, if relevant) with you, we will build your SimUText. There will be a course-specific link for you to provide to your students to follow to register and subscribe online.
  3. Optional: participate in one of our 1/2 hour introductory webinars to learn how to most effectively use SimUText in your class.

Pricing and Special Offers (Starting Fall 2017)

Chapter/Lab Subscription Fees
SimBio Virtual Labs are either tutorial-style, with onscreen instructions and integrated feedback, or have accompanying workbooks. SimUText Ecology Chapters are longer and more comprehensive than SimBio Virtual Labs.
SimBio Virtual Labs (workbook and tutorial-style) $6.00/lab/student
Unlimited Labs $49/student
SimUText Ecology Chapters $10.00/chapter/student
SimUText Unlimited (chapters and/or labs) $89.00/student

Other options?

We recognize that some course structures are not ideal for our standard student subscription system. If you have special requirements, please contact us and we'll do our best to find a solution that works for you.

Looking for More Info?

Have questions? Check out our FAQs!

Examples of Pricing for 3 Different SimUTexts

A SimUText With 5 SimUText Ecology Chapters:

Chapter Subscriptions$10/chapter
Subscription Price$50.00/student

A SimUText With 3 SimBio Virtual Labs:

Lab Subscriptions $6.00/lab
Subscription Price $18.00/student

A SimUText With 1 SimUText Ecology Chapter and 2 SimBio Virtual Labs:

Chapter Subscriptions $10/chapter
Lab Subscriptions $6/lab
Subscription Price $22.00/student


Shipping and Billing

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