Order College Subscriptions: International Orders

We sell our laboratories as "pay per use" subscriptions that students are typically required to purchase along with their course textbooks. However, we realize that students outside the U.S. and Canada often do not buy textbooks. Therefore, for countries outside the U.S. and Canada ONLY, we offer site licenses. The license prices are based on our standard subscription charges, with a discount for pre-payment. We generally sell licenses on a 3 year basis. If you are interested, please email us with information on the courses in which our laboratories will be used, as well as the approximate number of students in those courses.

As residents of a country that uses a disproportionate share of the world's resources, sometimes at the expense of others, we feel a responsibility to make our products affordable to students with fewer resources. If you are in a country that is much poorer than the U.S./Canada/Western Europe/Japan/Australia, please email us with details of your situation and we can try to work out a price that will fit your budget.


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