• Screen shot Don't just tell your students about mitosis and meiosis...
    These inquiry-driven tutorials don't just drill the stages of mitosis and meiosis for students to memorize. Instead, they help students appreciate the hows and whys of these cool and elegant processes.
  • Screen shot ...engage them with interactive media
    Mitosis and meiosis are illuminated using gorgeous live movies from diverse organisms. Animations running in concert with live videos elucidate key features and events.
  • Screen shot ...let them discover underlying mechanisms through simulated experiments
    Realistic simulations let students explore and manipulate mitotic and meiotic machinery to discover for themselves how these processes work.
  • Screen shot ...and test their own understanding to improve comprehension
    Sophisticated self-test questions and activities throughout the tutorials let student test their knowledge. Your Instructor Portal lets you check over their work.
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