SimBio Publisher Agreement


SimBiotic Software for Teaching and Research, Inc. (“SimBio”) holds exclusive rights to reproduce, publish and sell its materials. Permission to reprint SimBio materials must be obtained prior to each and every print run. The reprinting publisher is only authorized to incorporate SimBio material in book or lab manual publications for which permissions have been granted.

Purchase Order Requirement

A signed purchase order or work order must be received by SimBio prior to the release of permissions to reprint the requested materials for the maximum estimated print run.

Reprinting Fees

The amount charged by SimBio is for the non-exclusive right to reproduce the workbook text that accompanies “virtual” (computer) labs in a requested and clearly-defined book or lab manual publication. The reprinting fee is not a royalty or copyright fee. The fee is based per unit. The licensing fee for the software that accompanies the workbook text is included in the amount charged for the workbook. All necessary software is provided to the course instructor for installation on university computers; thus, the students only pay once (and only students who have purchased workbooks are licensed to use the laboratories). Our typical subscription fee schedule is $3.00 per lab subscription (includes workbook and license to use lab). Special pricing may apply to large orders.


Proper acknowledgement must be given to SimBio for material reprinted in all publications. A copyright line to accompany the publication will be provided when permission to reprint the material is granted. Copyright acknowledgment must be included on every page of the reprinted material and must be included on the copyright page of the book or lab manual publication.


A reimbursement may be issued by SimBio to the publisher for unsold copies of the book or lab manual publication. Return requests must be made in writing and submitted to SimBio within twelve (12) months from the time permissions are obtained.


Shipping and Billing

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