SimUText Instructor's Manual: Overview

Your SimUText is built specifically for your course and requires some setup before it will be ready for your students. The following pages provide instructions for using the features in your SimUText Instructor Portal.

Importantly, accessing the features described on these pages generally assumes the user has Administrative access to the SimUText.

You can always access this manual from the Help menu in the SimUText Instructor Portal.

If you still have questions after consulting this guide, please visit the SimUText Support site or complete a support request and we'll get in touch ASAP.

Getting Started

If you are just starting out with SimUText, it can be helpful to refer to the Getting Started section of this guide for:

Sections of the Instructor Portal

The table below parallels the sections of the Instructor Portal. Click the links on the left for more detailed information about each section.

  • See a list of tasks to complete before inviting students to subscribe to your SimUText.
  • See the names and emails of those students subscribed to your SimUText.
  • Download the SimUText application to review what your students will see when they subscribe.
  • Run the Setup wizard for your SimUText.
  • Decide whether you want to set up Course Sections and to assign Release and/or Due Dates.
  • Create Course Sections using the Wizard (if you decide you want to set up you SimUText this way.)
  • Create Instructor Accounts for your co-instructors and teaching assistants (TAs) for your school, and specify their User Type. (Note: An email will be sent to the address listed for a user when an account is created.)
  • Edit the User Type for Co-Instructor and Administrator User Types. Check the User Type for all instructors.
  • Assign instructors to your SimUText.
Course Sections
  • Add and/or Remove Course Sections from your SimUText.
  • Assign Instructors/TAs to their Course Sections.
  • See a list of students in each Course Section.
  • Move students between Course Sections.
  • Create Assignments from your SimUText.
  • Set Release and/or Due Dates for the Assignments.
Student Welcome
  • Invite your students to subscribe to your SimUText.
  • Learn about SimUText Vouchers.
  • Track student subscriptions and Available Seats.
  • See student scores for Assignments you created.
  • View scores by student or by question.
  • Download scores to Excel.
Supplemental Materials
  • Access Supplemental Materials to support your use of SimBio modules.