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Minimally invasive education

You're probably aware of the TED talks - short talks by interesting people that then get posted to the web. I came across one recently by Sugata Mitra, an Indian professor / educator who did an experiment where he put computers into Indian slums and walked away, with a video camera recording what happened afterwards.

Variety is the spice of good studying

If you haven't seen it already, you should read over this very interesting article in the NY Times last week summarizing research on learning styles for students (your students might be well served to read it as well). The article discusses recent research on what makes for good study habits.

Asking different questions increases learning

As we look for ideas to improve our SimUText Ecology chapters, I've been digging through literature on how students learn from reading. Last week I found an interesting experiment on the effect of using embedded questions.

The chasm of educational progress

Now and again someone recommends a business book to me since I seem to have found myself running a business. Invariably, I quickly realize the author has a 5 page idea based solely on his intuition, no real data, and an extra 200 pages of filler so it can be sold in bookstores. But for the first time I can remember, I've been reading a business-oriented book with a substantial, interesting thesis and I think it might apply to education as well.


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