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The chasm of educational progress

Now and again someone recommends a business book to me since I seem to have found myself running a business. Invariably, I quickly realize the author has a 5 page idea based solely on his intuition, no real data, and an extra 200 pages of filler so it can be sold in bookstores. But for the first time I can remember, I've been reading a business-oriented book with a substantial, interesting thesis and I think it might apply to education as well.

Tools inhibit creativity

I'm at the Ecological Society meeting this week, where we're doing a big introduction of our SimUText Ecology chapters. In the cracks I've been going to talks (and giving one myself). ESA is impressive as a society in the amount and quality of educational

Home Computers Increase the Digital Divide

Computing is becoming ubiquitous in education, College students need to have a computer and many K-12 schools are starting to hand them out to students as well.

Scientific collaboration at different scales

Science is becoming more collaborative over time, and one trend in science education is to try and reflect that cultural change in the classroom. An essay in a recent issue of Nature (March 25, 2010) got me thinking about how the culture of scientific collaboration is not uniform, and what that means for our choice in the classroom.


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