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Evolutionary Evidence

Making biology education software, like teaching, is a passion rather than a path to riches. What drives us is the idea that we can make learning biology easier and more fun.

Tips on Tests

I'm just returning from what is becoming one of my favorite conferences, the SABER meeting on biology education research.

Mitosis Explored - SimBio's new tutorial

“I Prefer Mice And Talking Cats.”

If you want your students to remember the stages of mitosis, the above mnemonic device would probably be useful. But does rote memorization of the stages of mitosis really help students

Learning to use ecological models

Last week we announced Patchy Prairies, our latest SimBio Virtual Lab. Those of you who used our Corridors, Stepping Stones, and Butterflies lab in EcoBeaker will recognize the storyline in Patchy Prairies - you have money to restore habitat for an endangered

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