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Evolution vs. Stephen Colbert

It takes some highly developed interviewee skills to make a respectable showing on late night talk shows, and most scientists (me included) don't have it in us. But check out this video I stumbled on (while I was doing real work - honest) of biologist and author Ken Miller who managed to

The 49 steps to great teaching

There is a fascinating article in the NY Times magazine this week about what techniques make a good teacher in primary and secondary schools.

What price for a hardcover electronic book?

The CEO of one of the major publishers, Macmillan, had a bit of foot in mouth disease in a blog post a couple of days ago when he explained that his company was going to start charging for hardcover e-books and softcover e-books separately. The predictable storm of responses followed with folks asking such questions as "how much more expensive is hardcover e-ink over paperback e-ink?".

Who Wants to Edit a Textbook?

The big news today in e-textbooks was a major publisher announcing a new digital textbook product.

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