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Can a Number Be Both Even and Odd? Discuss

I wrote a few weeks ago about a math teacher and professor that was profiled in the NY Times magazine for showing that teachers who know and are comfortable with math are better able to teach it (as measured by how well their students do). The magazine article highlighted an example of a discussion in that teachers' class of 3rd graders

Science Standards in Real Classrooms

Every state has a set of science standards that are supposed to guide what is taught at different grade levels in their schools. Many of these are modeled after the national science standards put out by the NSTA. Do they make a difference to what is actually taught in classes? An article

Evolution vs. Stephen Colbert

It takes some highly developed interviewee skills to make a respectable showing on late night talk shows, and most scientists (me included) don't have it in us. But check out this video I stumbled on (while I was doing real work - honest) of biologist and author Ken Miller who managed to

The 49 steps to great teaching

There is a fascinating article in the NY Times magazine this week about what techniques make a good teacher in primary and secondary schools.

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